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Furuno - surveillance solutions for land and sea

Integrated Oil Spill Detection System

Using the integrated system and Furuno Finland FFSS-400 surveillance station, oil spill detection and recovery operations can be efficiently performed. Oil spill detection received from the oil radar can be rapidly verified with the workstation GUI integrating thermal camera and oil spill polygons to the same display.
Recording of the situational picture and oil spill detections with the same system gives good possibilities for enhancing the environmental aspects at sea and harbours.


Furuno Finland integrated oil spill detection and surveillance system can be installed and operated either on board the vessel or in control center connected to fixed shore based sensor station. The system consists of following sub-systems

  • Furuno radar system (eg. Furuno FAR-2xx7)
  • Furuno Finland oil radar FOIL-200
  • Thermal camera
    • Stabilized cooled thermal camera (Eg. Controp QUAD-2 or DSP-1)
    • Uncooled thermal camera (Eg. FLIR M-series)
    • Furuno Finland Dual camera for fixed installatio
  • Furuno Finland Surveillance station FFSS-400


All sub-systems are integrated together to establish efficient operation platform for oil spill detection and surveillance activities.  

Click on the titles below to read more detailed information about each sub-system:

  1. Oil Radar FOIL-200
  2. Thermal Cameras
  3. Surveillance Workstation FFSS-400

System architecture

Osd System Architecture

Furuno radar system raw video signals are connected to the oil radar processor FOIL-200 for advanced signal processing. The oil radar provides for the surveillance station FFSS-400 oil spill detection information (polygons).

The surveillance station FFSS-400 is the integration platform of the system with visualization of the situational picture (Furuno radar and AIS targets) and control possibilities of the radar and thermal camera.