Advanced eNav Services

Secure online chart service onboard.

Advanced eNav Services

Gate-1 Chart Delivery Service

The Gate-1 provides up-to-date UKHO and Primar chart DVDs and permit files on board. It uses the ships communication system. It operates reliably in harsh conditions with low data transfer rates, unreliable communication links and long lag times.

The Gate-1 features:

  • Fetch PRIMAR (ENC charts), UKHO AVCS charts (ENC charts), AIO overlays and ARCS charts (raster charts) automatically to the ship
  • Fetch new charts and permits to the ship automatically
  • Provide industrial strength authentication and encryption on all
    transmitted data
  • Low bandwidth usage. Tunable in 1kbytes/sec steps. Default is 3kbytes/ sec.
  • Data centers on three continents for reliable delivery on chart data around the world
  • Complies with EN60945:2002 regulations
  • Environment friendly energy consumption around 5W
  • Secure environment for blocking viruses and other malware of entering the ECDIS network during chart updates.

    The Gate-1 System provides also flexibility to make various customized applications for customers. The application may be extended to pass other navigational information like routes and user charts to the ECDIS, without need to use virus-prone USB memory sticks or burning data on DVDs.

Chart Ordering Process

Advanced networking technolog ensures safe and timely chart updates on board

  • Gate-1 contains a complete set of virtual chart DVD disk
  • Transfer both base DVDs and update DVDs
  • Automatic transfer of raster and vector charts on board
  • Automatic transfer of chart permits on board
  • Supports UKHO Admiralty ARCS (raster), UKHO Admiralty AVCS
    (ENC) and PRIMAR (ENC) charts
  • No need for using real DVDs or virus prone USB sticks
  • Safe. Data connections are authenticated by RSA keys and
    encrypted by AES
  • Virus removal to prevent viruses from entering ECDIS
  • Environment friendly. Power consumption 5W
  • No moving parts
  • Low bandwidth for transfer of data. Uses at most 3kB/sec

More than 150 ships are using Gate-1 chart delivery service! 


  • IEC 60945: 2002: In regard to the performed tests the EUT fulfils the requirements defined in IEC 60945 (Ed.4)
  • DNV GL The 460-Gateway Gate-1 for bridge communication networks is found to comply with
    DNV GL Rules for classification, DNV GL Statutory interpretations, IMO resolution A.694(17),
    MSC/Circ.891, MSC/Circ.1091 and MSC.1/Circ.1503.The 460-gateway approved by this certificate is accepted for installation on all vessels classed by DNV GL.

Gate 1 Cloud

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