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Furuno - surveillance solutions for land and sea

Surveillance Work Station FFSS-400

Furuno Finland Surveillance Work Station FFSS-400 is the integration center of the system with following functionalities

  • Efficient chart engine for official ENC charts

  • Radar integration
    • Radar echoes display
    • Radar control to track new ARPA targets

  • Situational picture creation
    • Radar tracks
    • AIS tracks
    • Manual targets
    • External targets

  • Oil spill detections
    • Detected polygons display

  • Camera direction and zoom sector display

  • Camera video display

  • Camera control
    • Manual control
    • Automatic tracking of selected target

  • Recording and playback functionalities

  • Both workstation screenshots and camera video are separately recorded

  • Recorded screenshots and videos can be exported as encrypted files

Images on the right presents examples of the surveillance station screenshot.