Furuno Finland

A large proportion of our products are made ​​for professional users whose requirements and ratings are tougher. It also means that boaters products are made at the same the experience and quality.

Furuno Finland

Quality management system

The company's quality policy is to provide high-quality customer service in all our strategic business areas, which are:

  • Research and development
  • System deliveries
  • Product sales
  • Maintenance and service

The aim is to act as Finland's leading and most respected maritime and coastal surveillance equipment, systems and related services developer and supplier.

Furuno Finland's values are customer focus, long-term approach, commitment, team spirit and fair play.

The company has EN ISO 9001 (ISO 9001:2015) certification. Requirements of the standard shall pay particular attention to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of operation.

Furuno Finland ISO 9001_2015.pdf
Furuno Finland ISO 9001:2015
646KB, updated on May 25th 2021

Furuno Finland ISO IEC 90003.pdf
Furuno Finland ISO/IEC 90003
605KB, updated on May 25th 2021

Certificates are valid until 6th of June 2024.