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Furuno - surveillance solutions for land and sea

Surveillance system for patrol vessels – FF-Vessel

Furuno Finland FF-Vessel system improves the patrol vessel radar and camera surveillance capability in sea border/sea traffic control and critical sea area protection operations.

FF-Vessel enables flexible integration with vessel’s other systems – navigation system and stabilized thermal camera. All information is combined efficiently in the same GUI. FF-Vessel system produces real time local situational traffic picture reliably to increase safety and security. Data is stored locally and it can be sent to the cloud server to be available for the shore based organization. FF-Vessel can be used to enhance border control, to prevent illegal actions like smuggling, to enhance environmental protection (OSD) and management.

FF-Vessel system benefits:

  • Consistent and reliable system in 24/7/365 operation, even in extreme conditions
  • Situational traffic picture generation and recording in real time
  • Similar system for both patrol boats and offshore patrol vessels
  • Cost efficient, easy to use and intuitive solution
  • Flexible integration
  • OSD integration possibility (FOIL-200 oil radar)
Ff Vessel

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