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Surveillance Camera Systems

FLIR Thermal Cameras

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To fight piracy

The prospect of a beep on the radar display can also mean danger. A thermographic camera sees the ships on the horizon - gives you time to make decisions before it's too late.

Detection of icebergs

Icebergs and floating ice can damage seriously the vessel, and even submerge it. They can be detected by thermal imaging, and the captain can start the necessary actions to avoid a collision.

Oil spill detection

An infrared camera is really usable to detect oil spills floating in the water, as well as in accidents and loading oil tankers. The oil spill is shown in heat images.

Man-over-board MOB

Thermal imaging is easy to find a person who is floating in the water before hypothermia.

Night vision 

Captains can use thermal imaging cameras to a safer navigation at night.

The ship's deck safety

Yachts and commercial ships have a lot of valuable material to steal. The ship's deck security can be increased by using a thermal camera.

Furuno Finland has a FLIR's Infrared Training Center's' qualification:

FLIR Certified Systems Integrator (FCSI), Maritime.

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