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Navigation products for all vessels

Chart System

Chart system FFCS-300

Chart System is connected to the ship's existing navigator and compass. It shows ship's position and course on the approved S-57 or Shape chart.

Chart System is a simplified navigation system, from which all irrelevant information for navigation has been removed. We have developed the System together with our long-term government and domestic customers. The device is useable even in rough seas in smaller vessels, which requires reliable equipment for navigation.

Furuno Finland's R&D department provides global software development for FURUNO Electric Ltd. The Chart System FFCS-300 has been developed in co-operation with our customers. Their feedback has been utilized for designing the software and system features. The final result of the FFCS-300 chart system is suitable for all sizes of government, domestic and professional vessels.

FFCS-300 software can be used in a computer that is suitable for maritime use, or, if necessary, on an existing computer. The software runs on a Linux operating system, so it is reliable by operation. The control unit can be a special Trackball control unit, which is suitable for vessels or a standard mouse / controller unit.