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Navigation products for all vessels

Ice radar FICE-100

Find the best route through ice! Observe ice conditions by radar.

Winter conditions are difficult and they raise the cost of shipping. Environmental awareness has increased, and risk avoidance and minimization is becoming increasingly important. All of these things have led to the need to navigate safely when driving on ice, to reduce fuel consumption and to look for more places to pass-through ice alone in terms of time saving.

FICE-100 ice radar is suitable for all sizes of vessels driving in icy conditions. Ice radar's software has been developed in Finland Furuno's R&D department in co-operation with our customers. 

FICE-100 ice radar is a hybrid ice radar, which is connected to Furuno FAR-2xx7/FAR-2xx8 ARPA navigation radar without affecting any of its properties or performance. Ice radar's principle of operation is the opposite of the navigation radar, so it is not suitable to the actual navigation. It requires its own processor and device in order to be efficient, due it's different calculation algorithms.

The software runs on the Linux operating system and its operation is reliable. Trackball control unit can be used as the drive unit.

Increase safety

Iceradar FICE-100 is refined radar technology specifically suited for ice navigation. The ice radar is useful for ships of all sizes operating in icy conditions.  The device is connected to the vessel’s navigation radar and the device utilizes the navigation radar signals and calculates the radar algorithms for the water / ice interface.

• The ice radar visualizes ice structures 

• Discovers the optimum route to go through ice

• Shows the track in bad visibility

• Usable ice detection up to 6 NM

• Ice radar stabilizes the ice picture compared to the navigation radar using advanced algorithms 

• Ice radar is a supplementary system for navigation radar to observe ice    conditions using the same outdoor equipment.

Hybrid ice radar

Hybrid ice radar captures the raw radar signal from the navigation radar. In this principle navigation radar remains IMO approved without affecting any navigation radar’s operation. The high performance ice radar picture is created in a separated processor and shown in its own display. Products have been tested accoding to  IEC60945(2002).  The FICE-100 removes the image noise making the fine structures of the ice more visible.  The result is a stable image that includes the fine details found in the radar echoes. 

Find the best route through ice

By using ice radar  vessels can find the old rifts, clean ice and channels made by icebreakers and other vessels. Finding and using these, the vessel consumes much less power and saves fuel and time.


FICE-100 features for navigation in icy conditions

FICE-100 has many helpful features for mariners to see situational ice picture:

• 3D and Edge effects

• Equalizer

• Color palette

The conditions are different and changes all the time.  These features are easy to select, adjust and operate in challenging environment to give more clear and visible picture to the user.  The following screenshots are examples of real conditions.

3D effect emphasizes shapes and shadows:

Fire 3d

Edge effect emphasizes edges of rifts:

Fire Edge

Equalize feature visualizes ice radar picture with adjusted brightness ratio both on center and near edge of display:

Equalize 60

User can select predefined color palettes for ice layer. Each of them can be customized by user.  Different color palettes are useful in changing environmental lightings:

Target presentation:

  • symbol and data
  • AIS targets received from AIS transponder 
  • ARPA targets received from navigation radar

Ais And Tt 2

  • Navigation tools
  • Information from Weather Sensor 
  • Predefined interval to take screenshots

Information From Weather Sensor