Navigation products for all vessels

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Navigation products for all vessels

Ice/Oil radar Combo

Combo is an ice and oil radar in one hardware

Ice/oil radar combo is cost effective solution to get both softwares on board in on hardware. In combo user can select either ice or oil radar mode in operation at the time. In both modes all userfriendly funtionalities are easily available.

Combo has the following common features which are also in individual softwares: 

Compatible with Furuno FAR-15x8, FAR-2xx7, FAR-2xx8 and FAR-3000 IMO radar

Target presentation: symbol and data

  • AIS targets received from AIS transponder
  • ARPA targets received from navigation radar
Ais And Tt 2

Navigation tools
• Divider measures distance between two points
• Electronic bearing line (EBL)
• Variable range marker (VRM)
• Parallel index lines (PI)

Information from Weather Sensor
• Wind information
• Water temperature
• Air temperature
• Depth information

Screen recording function
• Predefined interval to take screenshots (.jpg files) which can be viewed on FICE-100
and FOIL-200. These can also be exported to USB memory storage.

Information From Weather Sensor

Interconnection Diagram 2

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