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Navigation products for all vessels

ECDIS – Electronic Chart Display and Information System

Furuno has two FMD ECDIS models: FMD-3200/3300 models are designed for use as part of wider systems with the need for Track Control interface, Conning sites and alarm integration. FMD-3100 is a simplified model, ideally suited for older ships that need to meet all requirements. 

Ecdis Fmd Img 001 L Ecdis Fmd Img 002 L Ecdis Fmd Img 003 L

The ECDIS FMD 3200 ( 19 ") / FMD 3300 (23.1 ") / FMD 3200BB :

Professional electronic chart system - fast, intuitive route planning and safe navigation.

Ecdis Fmd Img 004

High speed chart redraw - No waiting !

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • FAR-21x7/FAR28x7 radar series is compatible with the user interfac
  • Furuno FAP-2000/3000 Track Pilot Connection
  • Compatible with a number of different charts distributor's materials
  • Online chart updates automatically in the global transport ( Gate-1 automatic chart delivery service)
  • Standby multi- function display : connect ECDIS , Conning pages , radar and charts , as well as an alarm system
  • Easy installation and maintenance: a simplified wiring through connection unit

Ecdis Aio Ecdis Ui

ECDIS has a new chart drawing engine that runs fast: zoom and scroll seamlessly. It makes using ECDIS flexible. ECDIS brings a streamlined chart management system that enables easy management of charts. Furuno has its own distribution system for automatic charts:     Gate-1, which is also supported by the Admiralty Information Overlay (AIO) service. ECDIS fully complies with the IMO standard MSC.232 (82), and is suitable for both new vessels and individual device renewals. ECDIS will be compulsory in new and old merchant ships more than 3 000 GT, in stages over the 2014-2018 period.

ECDIS FMD-3100 (19”): 

The compact professional electronic chart system, which is specifically designed for old ships that are not required to update the Track Pilot, Conning or alarm interface. FMD 3100 has the same properties as the model FMD-3200/3300.

  • High speed chart redraw - No waiting
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • FAR-21x7/FAR28x7 radar series is compatible with the user interface
  • Online chart updates automatically in global traffic (Furuno Finland's GATE-1 automatic chart distribution service)
  • Easy installation and maintenance: compact structure of the computer screen
  • Compatible with a number of different charts distributor's materials

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Ecdis Hand Book
3.2MB, updated on Aug 7th 2019
Fmd 3100 En
752KB, updated on Aug 7th 2019
Fmd 3200 3300 ECDIS
13.3MB, updated on Aug 7th 2019

Gate -1: A new cost effective Chart Update system for ECDIS

Automatic charts download, updates and permits delivery including AIO 

  • Integrates UKHO’s ENC vector (AVCS) and ARCS raster charts in a ‘one box’ solution.
  • Secured data transfer - Military grade encrypted protection via INMARSAT or VSAT
  • No CD/DVD media required
  • Efficient and VIRUS-free
  • Updates, charts and permits are usually onboard within 4 hours from release
  • No media handling - no shipping costs 
  • Time saving in the office and onboard - Uses only 3 KB/s bandwidth 

Gate-1 is the Digital Chart Book of a modern bridge installation, where easy and trouble free automatic chart download is essential.  By Gate-1 the weekly submittance of chart CDs (DVDs) are eliminated and substantial internal courier expenses can be saved. 

The internal Gate-1 SW secures that the data/chart transfer from ‘Shore to Ship’ is smooth and virus free and possible breaches in  the Inmarsat/VSAT connection will have no influence on the transfer- it simply resumes the data transfer from the last received ‘byte’ - if the connection is interrupted. 

This feature counters the previous challenges with direct chart transfers, which often are causing complete restart of ECDIS systems, if the update/download is interrupted.  

The Gate-1 is deliberately downloading the data on a very low data speed (3 kbytes/s) in order not to disturb and occupy commercial and crew data traffic.   

Being fed with Chart data from the Ships Net LAN connection, the Gate-1 box is connected directly to FURUNO’s ECDIS FEA 21x7 or the new FURUNO FMD 3x00 systems  by a LAN cable, avoiding data storage and transfer to ‘insecure’ USB’s or other medias. 

Two different chart solutions for Gate-1
The charts, permits and update handling in FURUNO’s GLOBAL Chart Server Network are shown in the below 

Gate 1 Cloud

Upon investment in Gate-1, two different options are available :
A) Charts are sourced from Owner’s own chart provider
B) Charts are sourced from Furuno 

The owner can choose either to buy charts from FURUNO or alternatively have the charts delivered from other supplier. A differentiated annual service fee to cover the Gate-1 global system infrastructure will be applicable depending on the choice of above.  

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