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New software for ice and oil radars

Furuno Finland (sales a furuno.fi), Jun 5th 2019

New features for ice and oil radars

Furuno Finland's ice radar FICE-100 and oil radar FOIL-200 has new features for mariners to see situational ice and oil picture. 

FICE-100 has many helpful features for mariners to see situational ice picture:

• 3D and Edge effects
• Equalizer
• Color palette

New oil radar features are: 

Oil spill movement:

• direction and speed with visual arrow and numeric values
• automatic recording of screenshots
• user adjustable recording interval of screenshots

The following new features are common to both ice and oil radars:

  • Target presentation: symbol and data
  • Navigation tools
  • Information from Weather Sensor
  • Screen recording function

You can also order ice radar and oil radar as combo software, which  is ice and oil radar in one hardware. FICE-100 ice radar and FOIL-200 oil radar can be used with Furuno FAR-15x8, FAR-2xx7, FAR-2xx8 and FAR-3000 IMO radars.